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UNIQUE - With the MIG TITAN we have created something unique. Not only because of the polarizing design, but also in terms of the material. Processing titanium and bringing it into this form requires a lot of experience and knowledge. Only after 22 months of planning, design and construction did we reach our ambitious goal. A product that does not exist anywhere else. This is the MIG TITAN.

175 INDIVIDUAL PARTS - Each MIG TITAN consists of 175 elaborately manufactured individual parts made of high-quality titanium and glass, which demonstrate the highest degree of precision. Every screw, every pin and every thread are custom-made for the MIG TITAN.

6 KG TITANIUM²² - Each MIG TITAN including the titanium bar are made from approx. 6 KG 988.0 Ti (titanium). The special thing about the element, in addition to its unique appearance, is its low weight, high corrosion resistance and strength. With the exception of the glass bowl, everything at MIG TITAN is made of this material.

26 WORKING HOURS - Approx. 26 working hours are required for each MIG TITAN including accessories. The production of the individual parts from titanium is the most time-consuming. The hand-blown bowl made of Bohemian crystal glass is painstakingly shaped and manufactured by hand. The perforated real leather hose is also precisely cut and sewn by hand in Germany. Thus the MIG TITAN in its entirety is the most complex MIG of all to date.

50 PIECES - The MIG TITAN is limited to only 50 pieces and is forgery-proof thanks to the serial number. You can find this either on the 1 KG titanium bar included in the scope of delivery, on the certificate or below the MIG TITAN base.

MADE IN GERMANY - Of course, like all our other hookahs, the MIG TITAN was manufactured exclusively in Germany with the highest precision and the highest quality standards. This is MIG.


1x MIG TITAN Shisha with C1 Bowl including four hose end pieces and balls
1x MIG TITAN mouthpiece
1x handmade, perforated MIG real leather hose
1x 1 KG 988.0 Ti (titanium) bar with serial number
1x case with milled MIG logo, serial number and foam inlay
1x certificate of authenticity with serial number
1x brochure with additional information

Material: 988.0 Ti (titanium) // Bohemian crystal glass
Height: approx. 64 cm
Width: approx. 22.5 cm
Weight: 4 kg
Height: approx. 81 cm
Width: approx. 53 cm
Depth: approx. 31 cm
Weight (filled): 17.2 kg
Empty weight: 11.5 kg